Guest books are a priceless keepsake, but they're not just for weddings - which is why ours come in two styles. For a wedding guest book each page is printed with a delicate detailed heart pattern. However if your guest book is for your home, business, parties or whatever you wish to use it for the pages are unprinted. Every guest book is hand made by true craftsmen and contains 80 pages, sheet size of 225 x 140mm.
We have six beautiful finishes availiable:
Romantica - Off white crushed silk. Golden Bells - Walnut beige and gold. Harmony - Ostrich white leather look with walnut beige and gold line blocking. St James - White 'Sivedex' bonded leather look. As well as a plain Silver and a plain Gold (both shown below).

All Guest Books only 20 each

Guest books Guest books

These are examples of the guest books in the Golden Bells and plain Gold finish.

These are examples of the guest books in the romantica and plain silver finish.

Inside guest book

Each page is printed with a delicate heart pattern

Plume pen

Why not make a lasting impression with one of our Plume pens avaliable in white or Cream (shown in white). With a 2.5" diameter antiqued metal filigree base.

Only 16.95


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