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Table SettingTraditionally bombonaire or favours are given as a small token gift to the wedding guests. They contained five almonds to symbolize Health, Wealth, Happiness, Long Life and Fertility. This tradition still carries on today, but as sugared almonds are not to everyone's taste, alternatives such as chocolate dragees or chocolate praline hearts are used instead. All are available in various colours.

In our 'online' catalogue you will find various designs all of which are adaptable to compliment your colour scheme. However if you don't find anything there that appeals to you, there is an alternative, 'Pick & Mix' favours. Simply choose your style (ie. Box, Net, Racket or Draw String ribbon), flowers & filling and the price band you would like to spend, we will then design you a favour to fit this critera and e-mail you with a picture. This service is still currently under construction, but we promise it will be avaliable very soon. Keep an eye on our website as it is updated daily!

Ready Made Favours

There are five main types, below you will find buttons to take you to view each.